Marine flooding awareness, predictions, research etc
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2017-10-01 14:33:31 UTC
I've been involved with local (Southampton) residential marine flooding
issues over some decades now. Its become obvious there are still a lot
of unknowns relating to it. Anyone here interested in the predictions
side of this in particular. The Environment Agency is very tardy at
getting out warnings of English Channel surge events, (Valentines Day
2014 only about 5 hours beforehand) the NTSLF is very good but only a
day in advance at most (half that often as developements over night) and
is not that reliable , a number of outages , so far not coinciding with
any significant surge.
With general public access to the global meteorological models available
these days, it is quite possible to get 2 or even 3 days advance notice.
2017-10-11 13:48:57 UTC
Just in case its of any use to anyone, as the media are ignoring
Hurricane Ophelia, I've added a bit to a page of mine, for the
possibilities of surges in the English Channel over the next week