New Year
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2009-01-01 11:55:51 UTC
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A ,happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to All
2009-01-02 21:49:10 UTC
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Post by Fizissist
A ,happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to All
It is now general knowledge that this newsgroup was set up
by the government to plug the gaps created by the abysmal
failure of their Psychiatric Care in the Community Policy.
The uk.local hierarchy was devised to provide an outlet for
individuals who would otherwise spending their days sitting
at home wearing an aluminium foil hat waiting for a full moon
to rise. It was hoped that this would reduce the incidence
of nutters out there howling at the moon and frightening the
shit out of their neighbours. Another of HMGs aims and
objectives was to provide a distraction to take their minds
of the problem of who they were going to knife to death next.
Unfortunately, this group has been taken over by the
articulate lower middle classes who have succeeding in
driving HMGs target audience away.Independant research has
shown that it was the amount and quality of the inane drivel,
called small talk which the middle classes are adept at, which
had the effect of doing their heads in. They left to
protect what was left of their sanity. Saddly this has happened
to the whole of uk.local. hierarchy.

This newsgroup is a very good example of another HMG failure.